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We offer a wide range of services from concept design to completion. Outlined below are the main areas of focus.

This includes:

Surveys and concept sketches can help solidify a direction for your project. Once the survey of the existing or proposed site is complete, we would compose a brief through discussion before designing a variety of options for your consideration.
You will probably need planning permission if you want to build something new, make a major change to your building or change the use of your building. We can assist on advising if you will need to apply for planning permission. We would provide the Local Authority with the relevant application, and supporting documents. The progress of the application is monitored and any revisions made to ensure that permissions to proceed are successful. In most cases planning applications are decided within 2 months. For large or complex applications the time limit is 4 months. We can advise during the early design stages of which category your project will be in.
Scottish ministers are responsible for creating Building Regulations and preparing technical guidance to ensure buildings are safe, efficient and sustainable for all. The Local Authority administers the Building Standards system and are responsible for granting permission for work to be done (a Building Warrant) and for a completed building to be occupied (Completion Certificate). We keep up to date with the latest Building Standards and provide the Local Authority with sufficient information (drawings and specification documents) for the Building Warrant to be processed.
A masterplan is a framework within which a location is encouraged to develop or change. A project masterplan focuses on a specific site with defined boundaries. A strategic masterplan identifies how cities, regions or countries could be regenerated or changed. A masterplan will analyse your site and you requirements to produce anything from a stages development of a building, to a layout of a modest residential development to an entirely new settlement.

We also specialise in:

Works vary between projects but can include detailed assessments of a client’s current and future accommodation requirements to establish the principles for an SOR (Statement of Requirements) and ITT (Invitation To Tender) documents that will eventually form part of the DA (Development Agreement) between Client and Developer. Further design and technical assessment undertaken on different Developers Proposals to enable a final agreement with the preferred bidder. Assessments and checking of ongoing design development and technical drawings; client and developer change requests; RFI’s; construction programme; and on-site inspections and reporting during the construction phase. Fit-out and interior design can be undertaken for the Cat B works and design assistance to the Client on FF&E installations. Final snagging inspections and reporting at PC (Practical Completion) and at EOD (End of Defects) periods.
Quality interior design is integral to a successful building. These are the elements we interface with every day, from floor and wall finishes to doors, lights, handles, stairs, wash rooms, furniture, the list is endless. Our team of architects, interior designers, furniture specialists and craftsmen will provide a holistic, coordinated pallet to ensure your project stands out. Interior designers create a space that is functional, efficient and safe, whilst enhancing the quality of the working and living environment. Projects range from small refurbishments to complete fit-outs of base build developments.
Every company is unique. Your office environment should respond to your specific requirements. We Provide office space planning. Our designers have years of experience; from small scale office refurbishments to large scale new build headquarters buildings. Our team will meet with you so we understand how you work; individually, as a team and as a company. Our interior designers will prepare mood boards, furniture selections and finishes for the whole office. A holistic workplace design. It doesn’t stop with the work areas. We can prepare designs for social areas, canteen, reception, coffee shop and meeting rooms; whatever you require to assist in making your workplace successful.
If you are about to alter or extend a building or structure, building a new one or demolishing an existing one then the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations place a number of specific duties on you as the construction client. We can advise you of these duties and can provide the role of CDM – coordinator when appropriate.
Our team can provide 3D visualisations to help us work closer with our clients to meet or exceed their expectations for a project by communicating our visions at the very early design stage. 3D Media can vary from basic sketch style images, photo-realistic perspectives, animations, image based panoramic virtual reality to fully interactive virtual reality. Visualisations can also be used for glossy sales & marketing brochures and support planning applications. Please find some examples of these in the portfolio section below.


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