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Tender 2018

Cinema / Restaurants / Retail

WD Ltd

A retail and leisure extension to the Kingsgate Shopping Centre which is complimentary to the existing retail uses, improves the appearance of the townscape and provides additional vitality to the town centre. The proposed 9 restaurant units are of a large scale with total lettable area amounting to 1800sqm. The multi-screen cinema complex located at first floor level will comprise an area of 2300sqm, providing 8 cinemas. The retail extension of 2000sqm will provide additional retail floor area for an existing unit within the centre.


The materials echo those of the existing Kingsgate Centre. The highest level of wall cladding forming the envelope of the cinema level is to have a reflective, low maintenance, gloss finish to allow the building to reflect the prevailing sky conditions, reducing the perceived mass of the building.

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