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Completed 2016

Arts & Recreation

Look Again / Festival of Architecture 2016 

The ‘Mirrored Pavilion’ started as a student design competition, arranged by the Look Again Festival 2015 in conjunction with RGU. The brief was to create a temporary building located on Castle Street in Aberdeen, which, through its form and use of materials, commented on the heritage of Aberdeen and the city’s historic built environment.


The entries were presented to the public, and Lucy Fisher, a second year architecture student, won the resulting vote. Lucy’s design was for a simple, elegant box, clad entirely in a mirrored surface which literally reflected the urban landscape surrounding it.


The design successfully introduced a contemporary pavilion into a historic environment, while the use of mirrored cladding created an interesting juxtaposition between the sculptural, monolithic form of the pavilion and the more elaborate, organic form of the urban city scape reflected on it. In this way, the design perfectly captured the intent of the festival – to ask the people of Aberdeen to ‘look again’ at their city from a different perspective.

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