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near Kinneff, Aberdeenshire

Autumn 2015

Residential dwelling


The site for this house lies along a narrow, wooded, east facing slope and is surrounded by agricultural land with woodland to the south and rough grassed areas to the north. The site is steeply sloped across its length, and occupies an elevated position which offers panoramic views across the landscape to the sea beyond.


Replacing an existing dilapidated small dwelling the new house is designed with the functional cellular spaces arranged to the rear, against the slope, while the public and principal living spaces are arranged to the east to enjoy the benefits of the view. A strong, angled roof not only reflects the general topography of the site, but also responds to the height of the trees which form a backdrop to the house. This sectional form also allows the functional spaces to be stacked within the restricted site footprint as well as allowing double height spaces to the main living areas.


Materials were selected to reflect both the agricultural surroundings as well as the contemporary form of the house – zinc cladding is used extensively on the walls, while a slate roof is sharply detailed at the edges to create the appearance of a sloping ‘plane’.

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