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MacLeod House, Whiskey Bar






Completed 2017


Trump Organisation

The brief for the Clavis Whisky Bar was to create a feeling of authenticity, capturing the drama and theatre of the whisky experience, whilst marrying it to the opulence of the Trump brand and the character of its surroundings. The room, although essentially a blank canvas, had certain elements we wanted to retain, not only to maximise potential, but also to continue that thread of the established aesthetic. The bar and chandelier were refinished, whilst the curtains and bar stools remained. 


Access to the room is through large double doors; we used this an opportunity to create visual impact as soon as you enter by introducing an entire wall of bespoke, illuminated, whisky boxes. These handcrafted, individual walnut cabinets showcase the vast whisky collection available to enjoy.


The attention to detail has enabled us to assist our client in delivering a unique and intimate space with the high standards their clientele have come to expect.

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